Dairy Free, We Will Be… (A ‘free’ version of Foodie Friday)

or at least I will be.

Knowing that it isn’t forever helps me keep a pretty good perspective on things. So, recipes around here may not be as cheesy or creamy or milky as they used to be, at least for a little bit. But, because I have a bajillion recipes saved on my toolbar and I want them gone, but not lost, here we go…

Some sites that have been super helpful in this time of transition:

Reflux Rebels

Go Dairy Free

Milk Allergy Mom

Dairy Free Cooking at about.com (I don’t typically gather my information from such sites, but it has been really helpful, lol)

and some recipes:

Mexican Ground Beef Quinoa Skillet ($5 Dinners)

Creamy Chicken Taco Pasta ($5 Dinners)

PB&J Bars

South of the Border S’mores

Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken (this was AMAZING)

Jay’s Chicken Tacos

GF/DF/EF Chocolate Cake and Frosting (I’m an Organizing Junkie)

Not specifically DF, but I’ve been curious about making my own Vanilla Extract (The Thrifty Mama)

More Freezer Meals and Freezer Meal Tips from Life as Mom

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  1. Heather says:

    i have made my own extract and its so very easy and cheap! just need to make some more now!

    ill keep my eyes open for more df recipes for you! its the pits i know!

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