Foodie Friday

Once again, Jessica at Life as Mom, has some awesome breakfast ideas (I mean just LOOK at those cinnamon rolls and tell me you don’t drool!)

Frozen S’mores Pops (thanks to mjpuzzlemom at What a Crock!) YUM!

My friend Kristen at Making Dinner Happen has a knack for sharing amazing sounding recipes on facebook – She will be the reason I need a new laptop due to all the drool shorting out the keyboard! ;-) Here is one she shared this week from Michelle at Brown-Eyed BakerBrownies + Cookies = Next Best Thing to Heaven!

Weelicious posted a delicious sounding recipe for Breakfast Cupcakes!

Apparently, I missed out on National S’Mores Day (thanks to Liz at  Hoosier Homemade)! And thanks to my friend, Heather at Out of the Box Into the Kitchen, I now have a slew of desserts I want to make (and if anyone wants to bring one of these by after baby comes, I will NOT argue!!) ;-) She also felt the need to tempt me with S’mores Cookies…(and I found a ton of other recipes I’d like to try from What Megan’s Making as well!)

Heather also posted a recipe for Donut Muffins…I mean seriously. Yum!

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